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The world of leisure, fervently.

For a long time or almost the idea to work together in the industry of the leisure trotted in the heads of the shareholders of ALCOREM.

Our respective experiences, the one at a manufacturer of leisure vehicless, an other one in the events management all over France, an other one else in the field of recreational activities, urged to us to take the plunge.

The passion got the upper hand, reasonably.

At first, we observed amusement parks, professionals of the leisure and companies specialized in communication and events management, this at the national level. We also took into account macroeconomic parameters, bound to the evolution of the international context, particularly on this market.


Several companies evolving in the field of the leisure widely inspired us in our approach of creation.

Finally, a thorough work brought to us to analyze this market, to identify latent needs and to develop an adequate offer. This is the way how ALCOREM was born on March 1st, 2013.

Our ambition is to become the priority supplier of the companies evolving in the industry of the leisure by bringing to them:

We invite you to visit our site www.alcorem.frwithout further delay. This website is for your service:

All the ALCOREM team is at your disposal and thanks you for your confidence.

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